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New Orleans escapes the Chargers in overtime 30-27

Louisiana- On a fourth and seven, the Saints' defense stops the Chargers from converting the down and escape with the 30-27 victory.

The Saints' offense started the game against the Chargers very slowly. After a couple of stalled drives in the first quarter, the Saints got on the scoreboard with a field goal to cut the Chargers' lead to three, 6-3. The Saints' secondary was having problems stopping the youngster Justin Herbert, as he was delivering explosive bombs to his playmakers . It seemed like the Saints offense was completely out of sync in the first half. Alvin Kamara was not effective and dropped a couple of balls that could have been huge gains for the Saints. The Saints offense started to click with under a minute left in the first half and scored a touchdown before the end of the quarter to cut the Chargers' lead to ten, 20-10. Drew Brees was held to 93 yards.

In the second half, the Saints' offense tacked on a field goal and a touchdown to tie the game up. The Saints' defense stiffened up late in the fourth quarter, but on a third and short, Herbet threw another touchdown to go back up seven, 27-20. With under a minute left in regulation, Taysom Hill scored on a 12-yard touchdown run to tie the game back up, 27-27.

The Saints' defense could not get it done, as the Chargers went down the field, got into field goal position, but Michael Badgley could not get the ball through the upright. Both teams had to go into overtime, as time expired. The Saints scored a field goal on their opening drive in overtime to go up 30-27. The Saints' defense came up big on a fourth and seven, as they stopped the Chargers from converting the down and escapes with the win.


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