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NCAA Division 1 Women's Volleyball Championship will air for the first time on ESPN

New York- For the first time ever, ESPN will broadcast the entire NCAA Division 1 Women's Volleyball tournament, as well as championship.

There will be 48 teams playing in the tournament, which will start April 14. Teams will compete during April 14 and April 15 during the first and second rounds. Whatever teams advances will play in the Regional semifinals, which will be Sunday, April 18 on ESPN 2, ESPNU and ESPN3.

Regional finals begin Monday, April 19 at noon on ESPN2. The second match-up of the day will air 45 mins after the conclusion of the first. The third match will air on ESPNU at 6:30 p.m. with the fourth match airing 45 minutes after the conclusion of the third.

The Championship and the finale will air April 24 at 8 PM, ET.

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