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NBC Sports Partners Up With Ring City USA

Stamford, CT- NBC Sports welcomes Boxing back with partnering up with Ring City USA with televising upcoming boxing bouts.

NBC Sports wanted to tap back into the boxing world and give their viewers something to be excited about. On Thursday, NBC Sports inked a deal with Ring City USA and both sides are pretty excited about the future. “We’re excited to partner with Ring City USA to bring boxing back to NBC Sports and add a new chapter to our rich boxing history,” said Gary Quinn, Vice President, Programming & Owned Properties, NBC Sports.

"We are excited to bring boxing back to NBC Sports,” said Frank Samuel, CEO of Ring City USA.  “This partnership will deliver exciting, highly competitive fights and become a day-in, day-out source of top-notch, unbiased content for fight fans around the world."

The deal that both parties agreed on was a two hour boxing series of fights that will start November. 19 and will have a fight card each Thursday for the remainder of the year.

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