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Naomi Osaka invests in NWSL team

North Carolina- Tennis star Naomi Osaka will invest in the North Carolina Courage to help promote women's soccer.

Osaka has been changing the dynamic of bringing awareness to social injustice last season. This year, she wants more women to look at soccer as a sport. Osaka said that she always wanted to bring more exposure to women's soccer and decided that this was the right time to do it.

"I've been wanting to get involved with the NWSL for a while, to promote women's sports and also as a business investment because I can see it growing rapidly," Osaka, who tells PEOPLE. "The commissioner of the league introduced me to a few teams and after lengthy conversations, I decided the Courage was the best fit for me."

Osake loved the energy that each of these individuals bring to the table each and everyday and loved management from top to bottom. "First and foremost, I really like the people running the club from top to bottom," she explains. "They align so closely with my values and interests — promoting women's sports through grassroots and using the team as a platform to do good in the community."

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