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Naomi Osaka gets a win over Marie Bouzkova during opening night at the US Open, 6-4, 6-1

New York- On opening night of the US Open, Naomi Osaka gets the W over Marie Bouzkova.

Coming into the US Open, Naomi Osaka was one of the favorites to win the tournament after Serena Williams decided to opt out because of an injury. Osaka open up her quest for a third major at the US Open against Marie Bouzkova.

Osaka started the match pretty loose and relax. She let the game come to her and was moving pretty well in the first three games in the first set. Despite moving well, Osaka faced a bit of adversity as Bouzkova confused her with a couple of crossshots and got herself back in the match in the fourth. Osaka kept Bouzkova within striking distance of stealing a game with unforced errors down the stretch, but did just enough to pull out a 6-4 victory in the first set.

The second set Osaka decided to be very aggressive and decided to make Bouzkova chase her shot down. Osaka was not shy about hitting her forehand and looked very comfortable in the set. She increased her winning percentage on her first serve to 76% and dominated the set 6-1

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