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Monday Night Football breaks history in Week 11

Los Angeles- For the first time in NFL history, there will be an all black officiating crew.

The NFL is starting to change the dynamic with involving more people of color in executive jobs, as well as giving them a platform to show others representation of diversity.

"This historic Week 11 crew is a testament to the countless and immeasurable contributions of Black officials to the game, their exemplary performance, and to the power of inclusion that is the hallmark of this great game," NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said.

On Monday, referee Jerome Boger and his staff will be making sure that the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Los Angeles Rams will have a good and clean game. Boger had this to say about the historical day.

I am proud of my heritage and excited about my participation in this historic game," Boger said. "The opportunity to work with a great group of Black officials and exhibit our proficiency in executing our assignment is something I am really looking forward to.''

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