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Mistakes, Mistakes, and more Mistakes were the cause of the Badgers being defeated by the Irish

Wisconsin- Costly turnovers led to the Badgers losing to Notre Dame 41-13.

The battle between #12 Notre Dame and the #18 Wisconsin was what fans expected , a blood bath of defensive plays being made.

Wisconsin scored a field goal early, but a couple of fourth and shorts that were not converted stop potential scoring drives the rest of the first quarter. Things got interesting in the second, Notre Dame missed a field goal and Wisconsin looked like they were on a mission to score points, but a bad throw by Graham Mertz landed in the hands of Notre Dame. The Luck of the Irish sprinkled on the field, as they took the Badgers' heart and went down the field to score a touchdown to extend their lead 10-3 with under five minutes left in the half.

The Badgers walked into the locker room down 10-3. Wisconsin's big concern with going into the second half was not fumbling the ball and converting on third down conversions. They were 0-6 on third down conversions in the first half.

The best play for Wisconsin was at the start of the third. Mertz hit Chez Mellusi with a shovel pass that went for 35 yards to put them in the redzone. A few plays later, Mertz hit Kendric Pryor for a five-yard touchdown to knot the game up at 10. One of the key factors that changed how Wisconsin was going to put pressure on Notre Dame was Jack Coan twisting his leg after getting sacked mid-way in the third. Norte Dame had to throw their third string QB in the game.

Wisconsin mixed it up,but only scored a field goal, while Note Dame hit on a home run ball to go atop of the Badgers at the start of the fourth. Mertz once again had trouble holding onto the ball and fumbled the ball just minutes into the fourth quarter. That turnover killed the Badgers, because Norte Dame scored another touchdown to make it a steep hill for a potential comeback for the Badgers.

With the game on the line, the Badgers decided to kick a 52-field goal instead of going for it on a fourth and long and missed it. The missed field goal was literally how the day went for the Badgers and they went on to lose in a blowout 41-13.

Mertz finished with 240 yards, 1 touchdown, and 4 picks.

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