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Miss America partners up with university for project for 100th anniversary

Atlantic City- The Miss America committee has partnered up with Rowan University for a project honoring the organization's 100 years.

On Thursday, the Miss America committee announced that they had an upcoming project that Rowan University would be apart of. For 100 years, Miss America has imported their direction, taste, and style on the grand stage and now wants to educate people about the history of the pageant.

Working with Rowan University, the history of the pageant will be digitalize for others to explore and lean about the artifacts that were involved. “We’re excited Rowan is doing this and we’re thrilled the University sees value in this project,” says Shantel Krebs, chair of the board and interim president and CEO of the Miss America Organization.

“This is New Jersey history. The digitization project will help others learn more about the quintessential competition and its evolution from a ‘bather’s revue’ into a nationally recognized non-profit that offers scholarship assistance and helps thousands of young women from America to improve their communities through service.”

For more information about the artifacts and the partnership, contact funding site

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