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Mike Glennon gets the start for the Jaguars against the Browns.

Jacksonville, FL- The Jaguars have made Mike Glennon their starter against the Cleveland Browns this week.

The Jaguars have made another quarterback switch and decided to go with their third string quarterback. Jacksonville has had a tough season trying to figure out what quarterback can put them in position to win games. They have only won one game and that was at the start of the season.

Glennon has had a little success in the NFL when he played for the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Bucs, but was moved from starter to the back up role. He is very excited and well prepared for the opportunity to start against the Browns.

"The thing to me is I have nothing to lose. I mean I haven’t been the starter in three years. I don’t know when this opportunity’s going to come again. I’m just going to go out there, have fun, let it rip, and see what happens. We’re a 1-9 football team and I’m just going to do whatever I can to help us win. I’ve been through some good, I’ve been through some bad, and at this point in my career I just want to kind of go out and play like I have nothing to lose," said Glennon.

A lot of the Jaguars' coaching staff like Glennon. They like that he is always willing to learn and adapt to change. It will be interesting to see if he could pull the upset against the Browns.

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