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Mice control headlines before the start of the Australian Open tournament

New York- Tennis stars have complained that their hotels had mice running around their rooms.

It has been an exhausting month for tennis players, as they prepare for an uncanny start to their season. Players had to take tests to make sure that they did not test positive for COVID-19, some had to opt out of the qualifying, because they tested positive, and the quarantine period where players could not open their windows, nor have contact with people.

A lot of players have voiced their opinions about the matter. Novak Djokovic started a proposal to loosen the restrictions up a bit. He wanted players ro be moved closer to courts, better food, and to cut down the days of the quarantine period.

Now, tennis stars face mice being in their rooms. While Victoria's emergency services minister Lisa Neville tried to find a solution to the problem, there were speculation that some of the players were feeding the mice. "As I understand there may have been some feeding going on," Neville told CNN affiliate 9news.

"Firstly, we moved the particular tennis player the other day. We've had the hotel pest control this week and I think there may have been some feeding going on with the mice."

Despite all of the obstacles that these players have faced so far, they are optimistic about the first Grand Slam of the season.

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