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Miami Grand Prix has changed their name

Miami, FL- The iconic venue Miami Grand Prix has decided to change their name to something a little uncanny.

As of Thursday, the Miami Grand Prix will be renamed the Miami International Autodrome. The representatives for the company is very pleased at what the F1 circuit has done and how it has expanded.

“We’ve worked hard to create a circuit that has great racing and multiple passing opportunities. In addition, we are working to innovate fan experiences across the Hard Rock Stadium sports and entertainment campus in Miami Gardens; experiences that reflect how Miami has become an International curator of culture across food, art, fashion, music, and sports.”

Since 2018, the F1 circuit has exceed expectations and increased their viewership. The F1 circuit went from having 34 million viewers to ending 2020 with 47 million viewers. Miami Grand Prix CEO Richard Cregan added: “Already we are beyond 150,000 enquiries for tickets and hospitality, which is enormously encouraging when we have not yet announced the date of our inaugural Miami Grand Prix

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