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Max Verstappen gets victory in Vegas

For the first time ever, Las Vegas had a formula event that brought a lot of publicity, both good and bad to the city. Prior to Max Verstappen winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix, he disliked the track and was not really bent with racing under the lights of Vegas.

Verstappen showed the world once again that he can have an opionion about a track that he doesn't like and still bring a can of whoop tail with him to win races. Let's talk about the adversity he had to face. Verstappen had to overcome a five-second pentality, after he forced a driver off the track, attempting to maintain his position. Well, the saying goes, adversity creates success and drive and Verstappen showed why he is one of the best in the business.

After the win, it was announced that he became the first driver to win three races in the same country. What a way to continue success in the United States. Outside of Verstappen winning, the city won also. With attendance over 315,000, fans descended on Las Vegas this week, flooding hotels, restaurants, casinos and other area businesses, bringing an estimated economic impact of $1.2 billion.


“To Las Vegas, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for embracing our shared vision of bringing Formula 1 back to this community and showing racing fans around the world what makes this community so special,” said Renee Wilm, Chief Executive Officer of Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc. “LVGP would like to extend our congratulations to Max and the entire Red Bull team for a phenomenal showing – we are thrilled you have established your place in history as our inaugural winner. I want to thank all our elected officials, public safety providers, and community leaders whose dedication was essential to putting on a safe, secure and entertaining event for all. I would also like to thank our founding partners, sponsors and the talented LVGP team for their tireless efforts in putting together such a successful race weekend. We are even more excited than ever for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix.”

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