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Miami Grand Prix does big numbers

With Met Gala and Kentucky Derby happening last week, you wouldn't expect Miami Grand Prix to have huge ratings, but it did.

On Sunday, ABC had 1.96 million viewers, watching Max Verstappen take over the race and win it. This race was the second largest viewership in F1 history. Verstappen had to be proud of the supporting outcome as well as his victory. However, there were some spectators that did not like the winner and Verstappen had this to say about the boo's in the crowd.

“I think if I will be driving in the back nobody will be even doing anything in terms of reaction,” Verstappen said after the race. “I think it’s normal when you’re winning and they don’t like who is winning.” “This is something for me which is absolutely fine as long as I stand on the top, that’s for me the most important,” Verstappen added. “I take the trophy home and they go back to their houses and they can have a nice evening."

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