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Luis Saez Starts Suspension After Dropping Appeal

Jockey Luis Saez decided to drop his appeal and will face a 15-day suspension for careless riding for the 2019 Kentucky Derby. Last season during the Kentucky Derby, Luis's Horse Maximum Security was disqualified for interference at crossing the finishing line and Saez was held responsible for not maintaining the required effort with maintaining a straight course.

Saez wanted to appeal the decision that the Horse Racing Nation judged him unfairly. However, Saez just dropped the charges and wants to look forward instead of looking back at the past. Moving forward, Saez has to be very cautious with how he rides. Saez has been suspended 20 times in his career, so he understands that the committee will be looking at him very closely. With the Cornovirus pandemic going on around the globe and events getting postponed, it will be interesting to see how this season will pan out.

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