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LSU Tigers defeats the Volunteers 5- 0

Tuesday night, the world got to witness a very interesting and exciting college baseball game against the LSU Tigers and the Tennessee Volunteers. Both teams needed a win to stay in the tournament.

The Tigers got the party stared, scoring the first run in the first inning, Beloso singled to right center, which led to Crews score. After the score, Tennessee tightened up their defense. Drew Beam was just on fire and did not allow another hit! At the bottom of the fifth, Beam already had nine strikeouts, and only walked one player.

Things went downhill for Tennessee as an error allowed Tre' Morgan to score, coming from third to extend the Tigers' lead 2-0 in the sixth. LSU scored a couple more runs to walk away with a victory and sent the Volunteers back to the chalkboard. The Tigers will play Wake Forest in the Semifinals.


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