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Lou Williams Will Miss A Couple Of Games Because of "Strip Club" Incident

Orlando- Los Angles Clippers' sixth man and star Lou Williams will miss a couple of games being quarantined because of his decision to go to a strip club last week.

to Williams admitted to NBA security that after coming back from a wake service in Atlanta, he decided to go to a strip club. It was also confirmed that there was a photo of Williams and one of his friends at the strip club posted on social media last Thursday. The photo was deleted a couple of hours later. Since Williams went out to a gathering, he will now have to be quarantined for 10-days.

Williams will miss the restart-opener against the Los Angles Lakers on Thursday, as well as some games that could decide the seeding of the Clippers. Right now, the Clippers are five and a half games back from the first seed and the Denver Nuggets are aiming for the second seed with being two and a half games back from the Clippers. The Clippers will be without Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell, who are key factors with keeping the team afloat. This will test the theory of how deep the Clippers are in their depth and if they could maintain the second seed in the West.

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