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Liz Cambage shows support for Transgender athletes during her Sparks welcoming press conference

In a day where the spotlight was supposed to be filled with optimism with Liz Cambage being welcomed to the Los Angeles Sparks, turned a bit grim and controversial. After answering questions about pay equality within players and coaches, her journey with being able to play for the Sparks, and what she brings to the table, a reporter decided to ask Cambage how she felt about men who identify as a woman, playing for the WNBA.

Cambage was a bit taken back at the question, but did not back down from answering it. She proudly talked about her friends, as well as other athletes who are transgender. She took the tough question and used it to shed light on how she supports athletes who are transgender and gave them a welcoming shoulder to lean on.

The WNBA does not have a transgender woman as of yet who plays for the organization, who was a male, but identifies as a woman. Other sports have welcomed inclusion such as MMA, and Track and Field, but there have been a heavy discussion with allowing transgender women, who was born a male to compete. Some people have felt that they should not compete, while others are welcoming the idea. Like black culture and women around the world, the LGBTQ community is fighting for equality, understanding, and acceptance. As the saying goes, "An uncomfortable question, will give the keys to the driver to showcase communication and understanding both sides of the topic."

Here is a clip of how Cambage handled the situation.


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