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Lisa Leslie and Lisa Byington will call the first WNBA Commissioner’s Cup Championship Aug.12

Seattle- On August 12, Lisa Leslie and Lisa Byington will bring their unique personalities with them when they call the first WNBA Commissioner's Cup Championship between the Seattle Storm and the Connecticut Sun.

After the Olympics concludes on Sunday, WNBA play picks right back up. After getting a win against the Phoenix Mercury before the WNBA took a break for the Olympics, the Storm booked themselves a date to play the Sun in the first ever WNBA Commissioner's Cup Championship. The game itself will be competitive with pride and money at stake. Players on the winning team will each earn $30,000, while those on the runner-up team will each receive $10,000. The MVP of the WNBA Commissioner's Cup title game will take home an extra $5,000.

“The Commissioner’s Cup Championship Game is the culmination of the WNBA’s new wildly successful mid-season tournament, and it marks a pivotal moment of the WNBA season—the end of the Olympic break and the starting point for the second half of the 2021 season,” said Marie Donoghue, vice president of Global Sports Video at Amazon. “We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response to the WNBA on Prime Video this season, and we look forward to streaming the championship game globally on August 12.”

The game will be broadcast on Prime Video August. 12 at 9 PM, ET

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