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Lewisville Black holds on late against The Prospects 56-55

Lewisville, TX- Behinds Marcus Brooks 17 points and 17 rebounds, the Lewisville Black hang tough against The Prospects, 56-55.

In the first three quarters, Lewisville Black had trouble creating shots for themselves. They were not shooting the ball effectively and struggled to hit the three point shot. Second chance opportunities helped Lewisville Black put up points on the board, as well as gave themselves some type of breathing room, because The Prospects were hanging tough.

Marcus Brooks decided to take over in the second half and started getting into his spots to either create shot selections for his teammates, as well as created shots for himself. Brooks hit a couple of threes to give his team some breathing room at some point in the third quarter, but the lead was short lived. The prospects went on a 9-2 run and made the game interesting in the fourth.

With only a few seconds left in regulation, Lewisville Black came up huge defensively and stopped The Prospects from hitting a game winning shot. Lewisville Black escaped with a huge victory over The Prospects.

Here are the scores for the other games that were played.

Undiscovered Team put a muzzle over the The Underdogs 86-59

CYM defeated The Pros 67-57

Key players!

Undiscovered Team

Jarrett Henderson finished with 28 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 steals

Shirmane Thomas finished with 15 points, 6 assists, and 2 steals

Lewis Patterson, III finished with 23 points and 6 steals

Chase Winchester finished with 7 points, 7 assists, 2 rebounds, and 6 steals

The Underdogs

Charles Rambo, III finished with 22 points and 4 rebounds

Adbnasser Rabhi finished with 4 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks

Dairus Tabron finished with 15 points


Mike Lenoir finished with 19 points, 9 assists, and 4 rebounds

Balsa Bazovic finished with 10 points and 17 rebounds

Marcus Brooks finished with 11 points and 7 rebounds

The Pros

Yash Mattu finished with 20 points

CJ Carter finished with 15 points and 5 rebounds

Lewisville Black

Marcus Brooks finished with 17 points and 7 rebounds

Kevin Booze finished with 17 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds

The Prospects

Abraham Davalos finished with 19 points


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