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LeBron James Will Produce Documentary About The Iconic Black Wall Street.

LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment have decided to showcase how Black Wall Street influenced the black culture in an upcoming documentary.

Black Wall Street was a huge part of unity and compassion within the African American community as they successfully built up black-owned business in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On June 1, 1921, white rioters burned the town down and business owners could not recover after the damages. The history of Black Wall Street was a revolutionary change in how the community saw themselves as something outside of society's perception.

"The Tulsa Race Massacre is not just a black story but American history. The fabric of this country is soaked in racism and today 99 years later, we’re still fighting for change. That’s why I’m partnering with @SpringHillEnt to tell the story of Black Wall Street," said director Salima Koroma. After the pitch was made, James said he had to tell their story.

The story is about wanting change and coming together as a culture to become successful. In recent weeks, the world has come together after the horrific death of George Floyd. Floyd was a victim of police brutality and died because a law enforcement official did not take his knee off of the back of Floyd's head, so he could breathe. In a matter of weeks, police brutality have been captured around the globe and it is time for a change in America.

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