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  • Erica Blackburn

Landon Collins feels like his old self

You’re witnessing the new and improved safety Landon Collins.

In training camp, Collins' energy has been electric. He’s flying around and having fun with his teammates. He looked like his old self, but better.

Maybe it’s because Collins has returned from his Achilles injury in seven and half months. The timetable for that type of injury is usually between 9-12 months and it’s clear ‘no days off’ is his mantra. “I feel incredible being back on the field. I feel the same,” said Collins. “Way better than before. I feel stronger, faster, in shape, just doing my thing. I’m back on the field and I’m happy now."

“I had a team of doctors that were with me day. Every time I did something or something was different or I tweaked something or felt better, they just stayed on top of it and got me ahead. My doctor, Dr. Ashley, at my training facility in New Jersey. Also, my team in Louisiana. There were three different components they worked on with me day and night. They always followed me everywhere I was going.”

Head coach Ron Rivera raved about his ability to push through the hard times of rehab.

"Well, I think part of it is his drive and desire -- following the lead of the trainers, following the lead of the doctors and really spending the time and taking the time on your rehab,” said Rivera. “Sometimes guys kind of taper off a little bit when they shouldn't be. He seemed to push himself through it, completely all the way through and that was really good to see."

“He looks great. He's in great shape. He's working really well right now and we're rolling him through with the ones, rolling through with the twos. He's getting a lot of reps just mixing it up. We got him playing in a couple of different spots and he's done a really nice job with all that."

The Football Team will need Collins’ energy and playmaking this season. It’s a critical year for him and he appears ready to take on the challenge.

"I think every year I come out here and show out,” said Collins. “I want to prove that I am always the best safety on the field and around the league. I have done it before and I can do it again. That is my job. That is what they brought me here for. They didn’t give me that paycheck just to come in here and lollygag. I put that on my shoulders all the time. That is the pressure I am talking about."

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