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Lamar Jackson gets revenge and his first playoff win against the Titans 20-13

Baltimore- The Ravens get a tough win against the Tennessee Titans to advance to the next round.

The Ravens started out the game very slow. They struggled to get into the redzone and did not convert on third down conversions until the second quarter. Baltimore started to show signs of life midway in the second quarter. Lamar Jackson hit his wide receivers for productive gains and a few plays later, Jackson hit the jets for a 49-touchdown run to tie up the game at 10 apiece with the Titans. At the end of the half, the Ravens had a total of 170 yards and got themselves back into the game, after having a tough start.

In the second half, the Ravens tacked on a touchdown to go atop of the Titans early in the third quarter. After their first possession of the half, the Ravens' offense sputtered and they had to settle with having their defense make big play after big play. At the start of the fourth, Baltimore was clinging onto a four point lead, 17-14.

Lamar Jackson used both of his tools to manage the game in the fourth. He took what the Titans was giving him and threw the ball to his check downs instead of forcing the ball in tight windows. Jackson showed poised as the game was winding down. Justin Tucker hit a crucial field goal with four minutes left in regulation to extend Baltimore's lead to 20-13.

Marcus Peters picked off Ryan Tannelhill late in the game to help the Ravens ice the game and pull out the victory over Tennessee.

Jackson finished with 179 yards through the air, 136 yards on the ground and had two touchdowns.


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