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Lakers shut out the Thunder 128-99

Los Angeles- The Lakers scored 56 points in the paint, as they went on to defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder 128-99.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James put on a show against the Thunder. The two offensive monsters combined for 44 points and 13 rebounds. They set the tone early on both sides of the ball. Instead of settling for jumpshots, James put the ball down on the floor, lowered his head, while driving to the basket, and either got a lay-up, kicked it out to an open shooter, or was fouled.

Davis on the other hand, was very effective and active on the boards. He got off to a slow start in the first half, but the second half, he was attacking the basket more. Davis hit a couple of mid-range shots that broke the game open. On the defensive end, he protected the rim and had a couple of blocks that stopped potential runs for the Thunder.

LA did a pretty good job with not turning the ball over. They turned the ball over nine times the entire night. The second unit finished the game in the fourth quarter and helped the team pull out a victory over the Thunder. LA shot around 50% from the field and 45% from behind the promised land.


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