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Lakers embarrassed in a loss to the Suns 115-105

Los Angeles-The Lakers were defeated by the Phoenix Suns in a testy match-up.

After coming off a disappointing home opening loss to the Golden State Warriors, LA wanted to silence the critics with putting a W in the win column against the Phoenix Suns. LeBron James and the Lake show looked energized and locked in early on. They were very good with forcing Devin Booker to his right, which is his weak side. Booker struggled to find any type of rhythm and got into foul trouble in the first.

Late in the first quarter, James had to sit out the remainder of the quarter because he gained two fouls. With James on the bench, Russell Westbrook had the opportunity showcased that his first game with the Lakers, which was a rough night, was behind him. He did just that. Westbrook scored eight points in the first and dished out a couple of dimes. It looked like things were coming together for the team until James was hit with his third foul two minutes into the second. James continued to play with the three fouls, but the Lakers were coming apart quicker than New York Giants' offense. From Frank Vogel getting a tech, yelling at the refs, to key players for LA getting into foul trouble, they were lucky that they were only down 57-43 at the end of break.

Frustration started to settled in the Lakers' body movements in the second half. They were late on rotations and allowed Chris Paul to kill them in the mid-range game. Outside of James, LA struggle to find any type of offense. The boos were raining down on this once excited fan base and it was nothing the Lakers could do but shake their heads. At the end of the third, there was a glimmer of hope for the Lakers to come back, being down 27. In the fourth, the Lakers tried to get back in the game, but each time LA would hit a shot, the Suns would come right back and hit a shot. Eventually the Lakers would lose the game and walk out with a monkey on their backs.


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