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Killer Mike will be honored with the first annual Billboard Change Maker Award

Los Angeles- Rapper and social activist Killer Mike will be recognized for his community work during the 2020 Billboard Awards.

Killer Mike has influenced others by using his platform to talk about social injustice around the world. He doesn't just sit and wait for messages to spread, he acts and educate others on the importance of using your voice in a positive manner to influence others around you. The Change Maker Award is an award that honors artists that influence their communities in a positive way.

“This award highlights and recognizes the attributes of a true social justice warrior in the field of music who has made exemplary strides to lead the community in positive change making advocacy,” said Datwon Thomas, MRC's VP, Cultural Media and Consulting Producer for the Billboard Music Awards. “In partnership with a diverse committee of colleagues at MRC and our cultural inclusion committee, BLAC, we selected Killer Mike for his contributions to the current movement and culture and his tangible efforts to make national  and grassroots change.” 

The Billboard Awards will be hosted by Kelly Clarkson on October. 14 at 8 pm ET.


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