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Kendrick Carmouche will be first black jockey to ride in Kentucky Derby since 2013

Kentucky- For the first time in eight years, there will be a black jockey riding in the Kentucky Derby.

It has been awhile since a black jockey has been highlighted with racing at the Kentucky Derby, but Kendrick Carmouche has broken the curse. In the next couple of weeks, he will be riding in the uniquely fashion derby.

Carmouche does not want the whole "Finally a black person is jockeying" aspect and wants his story to be told. He wants to inspire other cultures to do something that they are passionate about, despite any type of setbacks that they may face.

“I think people just need to open their eyes and realize it doesn’t matter what color you are,” Carmouche said. “You work hard. You’re an honest person. You want the best for you and your family and the team you’re putting together at the track so you can win races. It’s no black or white. It’s just purple or green, whatever you want to call it. We all bleed the same.”

Camouche has stated that he has never received any ill treatment or had any problems with any of the other jockeys. He just goes out there, lead by example, and have fun. Carmouche and other jockeys will prepare for the big race, which will happen May 1st.

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