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Kayla McBride puts the Aces of her back, as they get the victory over the Sun, 99-78

Bradenton, FL- Kayla McBride helps propel a win over the Connecticut Sun, as the Las Vegas Aces get back to their winning ways.

McBride had a monster game, as she had 25 points, 2 rebounds, and 4 steals. McBride was very successful with getting into her rhythm and not being overly aggressive. She let the game come to her, made the right decisions when she was trapped, and passed the ball to her open teammates on the dime. The Sun played more of a 2-3 zone and McBride was eating the zone alive, as she blew past her defender, got into the heart of the zone, pulled up, and shot in the center of the floor each time. The Sun had no answer for McBride nor Aja Wilson.

Wilson had 21 points in 29 minutes of play. Wilson asserted herself early on and demanded the ball every time she was in the post. Wilson did not settle for 40 footers but took the ball and used her quickness to get easy lay-ups. Wilson had a couple of steals, as well as blocks on the other side of the ball. She frustrated DeWanna Bonner and made Bonner take shots that normal she does not take.

The Aces had four players in double figures and now are 5-0 when shooting over 50% or better. Las Vegas will play the Seattle Storm on Saturday.

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