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  • Benjamin Gerstel

Justin Reid signs with Chiefs`

After departing from his roots in Texas, the former Texan Safety, Justin Reid, signed a deal to bring himself over to Kansas City. The lucrative contract is worth $31.5 million, and contains an 11 million dollar signing bonus. Reid spent four seasons with Houston, and throughout that time, has been designated as a SS, FS (two seasons), and a DB. The former Stanford Cardinal tallied 315 combined tackles, 230 solo tackles, and 7 picks over a 57-game period.

Kansas City locked in the services of the four-year player for three years, and in turn, Reid is finally in a situation where he can become a real championship contender. As much as he loved Houston, because he has roots there, it’s probably for the best that he isn’t sticking around for the post-Deshaun Watson turmoil. After posting double digit wins in his first two seasons, Houston failed to win more than four games in each of his last two seasons. With Deshaun Watson already on his way out, things weren’t going to get any easier for that organization.

Unlike Houston, Kansas City has an established roadmap of winning, and have become “the team to beat” in the AFC. Andy Reid’s squad has won double digit wins in seven seasons straight, and has won a Super Bowl, along with multiple AFC championships. Since New England and Tom Brady split up, it’s been Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, who have been taking over this league. Now, Justin Reid finds himself in an opportunity to make the playoffs for the third time. During his introductory press conference Reid confirmed this sentiment, confirming that “he wanted to play for a championship-caliber team…I wanted to play in a system I thought would fit me.” Reid went on to mention that the Chiefs have been to four AFC championship games consecutively, asserting their dominance throughout the league.

Aside from being reunited with Tyran Mathieu, who Reid played with back in Houston, he is also a perfect fit because of his versatility. Like the honey badger, Reid considers himself as a player who can line up in multiple positions across the defensive end of the ball. This versatility will force defenses to pay extra attention to him at all times, and possibly create an opportunity for Reid. Barring they resign Mathieu, the Chiefs will now have two players that you will have to pay attention to, making them even more dangerous of a team. Reid can add even more depth to Spag’s defense, especially when players are injured, and he can also blitz well enough to create pressure for opposing QB’s.

Here’s what Chiefs fans can expect from Reid, on and off the field: “You can expect a guy that’s going to be not only physical, but a guy that is going to make plays on the ball, be that field general on the back end, make sure everything is airtight. I make a point out of it – I try to and put it on tape every week and I’ve actually had receivers come and talk to me when they see me on tape – if there’s a guy in the wrong-colored jersey in my area – and he’s not an offensive lineman, someone that’s the same size as me – I’m going t o make them pay for coming in my space. That’s a point I make. I make a point to put it on tape every week. I’m going to be physical, going to play good ball, we’re going to be smart, we’re not going to get a ton of flags. And we’re going to find ways to get to the ball. Because on defense, the thing that matters more than anything else, is finding a way to get the ball.”

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