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Josh Allen and the Bills gift wrap AFC East Divisional Title after defeating the Broncos 48-19

Buffalo- The Bills are the kings of the AFC East after beating the Denver Broncos in a non-competitive game 48-19.

Josh Allen had the offense rolling in the first half against the Denver Broncos. Allen threw a touchdown to Dawson Knox in the first quarter and ran for touchdown in the second, which gave the Bills a 14-0 lead over Denver.

Midway in the second, the Bills' defense could not stop Melvin Gordon from reaching the endzone and finally getting the Broncos on the board. Everything was rolling for the Bills until they faced a first and goal with under three minutes left in the half. Three consecutive penalties pushed the Bills to a long and forever to the goal-line.

Despite the penalties, Allen threw a 22- yard touchdown dart to Jake Kumerow to extend their lead 21-7. Before the end of the half, Denver answered with a touchdown, but missed the PAT. Buffalo walked in the locker room with a 21-13 lead and had a total of 227 yards of offense over Denver.

In the third quarter, the Bills slammed the casket down with a few touchdowns and sent the Broncos defense sputtering and frustrated. Scores after that was pretty much locking the door on the game and winning their division.


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