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Japanese minister wants the Olympics to be held No Matter what

Seattle- The 2020 Tokyo Olympics was postponed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will return next year.

Thousands of people have passed away from COVID-19 this year and without a vaccine that can contain this virus, a lot of individuals are uncertain what the future may hold for the Olympics next year. Japan’s Games minister Seiko Hashimoto stated organizers and the Olympics committee continue to weigh up options for staging a “post-pandemic” celebration of sport in the city next summer. “Everyone involved with the Games is working together to prepare, and the athletes are also making considerable efforts towards next year,” Hashimoto told members of the media in a virtual press conference.

As the committee prepares for the games next year, there will be different restrictions that athletes and the committee have to abide by to keep everyone protected. Athletes will be in preparation camps for longer before they move into the Olympic village to be tested regularly for Covid-19 and cleared before competing. Everyone will be required to practice social distancing, and athletes have to leave the athletes’ village after they have competed.

“While living with the coronavirus, we need to make sure that athletes can perform at their best and audiences enjoy the Games safely,” the deputy chief cabinet secretary, Kazuhiro Sugita, said at the meeting. “To achieve that, we will adjust border controls, testing and medical systems and the operations of the venues.”

It will be interesting to see at what capacity that fans will be allowed in the stands, if a vaccine isn't found by the end of the year.

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