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Jalen Hurts sent a message to Carson Wentz in a victory over Washington 24-8

Philadelphia- The Eagles are 3-0 after defeating Washington.

With a 2-0 record, the Eagles are becoming the favorites in the NFC to go deep in the playoffs, but it is too early to say who looks good or who looks bad yet. Philadelphia had to come to Maryland and face their former teammate in Carson Wentz. If you remember, the reason why Hurts starts for the Eagles is because Wentz forced a trade in 2020. Philadelphia traded Wentz to the Colts, while Hurts became the starter. Wentz didn't do too well with the Colts and was a free agent earlier this year until the Commanders picked him up. So, in the present time, Wentz jump started Hurts' career, which made it a very intriguing match-up.

Hurts and crew struggled to get their offense started until Hurts hooked up with DeVanta Smith for a 45-yards pass and catch at the end of the first quarter to put them in the redzone. However, Philadelphia had to settle for a Jake Elliot field goal to break the scoreless game. Well, the score gave the offense a jot, because on their next drive, Dallas Goedert ran and juked a defender to get into the endzone to give Philly some breathing room. Defensively the Eagles continued their dominance. They had six sacks at the half, held Wentz to -16 passing yards, and walked into the locker room with a 24-0 lead.

The Eagles went on to dominate the second half and held Washington to 240 yards overall yards.

Hurts finished with 22 out of 35 yards for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns

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