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Jalen Hurts had a bad practice, but his coach wants him to improve throwing in rhythm

Philadelphia- Jalen Hurts had an awful performance in training camp on Sunday, but his coach Nick Sirianni felt like he had just one bad practice and could improve.

There have been a lot of pressure and the unknown for Hurts as a starter for the Eagles, due to the numerous rumblings of Deshaun Watson potentially being traded to them. Nothing has been set in stone, but the pressure is starting to get to the young quarterback. On Sunday, it seemed like Hurts was not in the right head space mentally. Hurts was not on target with majority of his passes and was out of sync with his receivers.

After practice members of the media asked coach Sirianni how he felt about Hurts' practice and this is what he had to say about it. "He's continuing to grow in the offense and being able to throw on rhythm and with some consistency with his rhythm. But also, I also understand that some part of his game is to be able to move around and make plays. Again, a wise man avoids all extremes. It can't be all rhythm, and it can't be all scramble. So, it's like, ‘Hey, what's the happy medium there?’

"It's just, again because right now he's back and forth, he's getting some good throws on rhythm, but just want to make those numbers grow a little bit because we know how valuable of a tool his legs are."

With the Eagles playing their first preseason game this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Hurts has to keep improving in order to gain confidence with his throws.

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