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  • Alex Seccia

Jake Paul wants to inspire his hometown that dreams can happen

Youtube sensation and Boxer Jake Paul is excited that his upcoming match against UFC fighter Tyron Woodley will be in his hometown. Paul, who is 3-0 in his boxing career wants to inspire his hometown with a victory over Woodley.

Paul plays the villain role well, but deep down, he had to grind to get to where he is at today. There has been a lot of critics who feels like Paul is just a Youtuber and not taking boxing seriously, but Paul is finding unique ways of creating a buzz. Paul is using showing the youth, as well as the old timers that the marketing value of social media has increased. His brother Logan, proved that social media won the night in an exhibition fight in June against Floyd Mayweather.

Fighting in front of his fans and family August 29th was a dream that Paul foreshadow and he wants his community to know that dreams can come true, if you are devoted to your craft. “This is where it all started for me,” said Paul, who grew up 15 miles from Cleveland in Westlake, Ohio. “This is where I grew up. This is a dream come true. This is surreal. I want to show kids in Cleveland their first boxing match. I want to inspire the next maybe Jake Paul that’s sitting in the stands cheering for me and show them that one day that they can be on this stage.”

There may never really be another Jake Paul or Logan Paul, but they have put themselves on the map with the advancement in technology and showcased to the world that you can create a buzz for yourself without having a big company backing you.

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