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Jake Paul stays undefeated in a victory over Tyron Woodley

Cleveland, OH- In a split decision, Jake Paul comes on top defeating Tyron Woodley.

Prior to the anticipated bout between Youtube boxer Jake Paul and UFC fighter Tyron Woodley, there were a lot of angry words spilled from both fighter's mouth. Woodley stated in numerous press conferences that he was going to knock out Woodley, while Paul stated that he is the next big thing and Woodley can not see him. The stakes were big for each fighter with money and pride on the line.

All of that talk was put to silence, as both fighters got into the ring for eight rounds of punishment. Paul was the busier fighter in the first two rounds. He was throwing the right jab that made Woodley uncertain with coming inside. Even though the fight was slow pace, Paul was doing just enough to stay ahead in the cards. The pace picked up a bit in the fourth. Woodley hit Paul with a left hook that buckled Paul and jumped all over him. Paul survived the round, as the bell sounded.

After the fourth round, Woodley gained confidence and started being the aggressor. He pushed the pace of the fight and threw more right hooks that stunned Paul a couple of times. The final round not many punches were thrown by both fighters. Paul looked like he did just enough as he unloaded a couple of jabs at the end of the round.

The judges scored the fight in favor of Jake Paul.

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