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Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. applauds NFL for taking action with mental health

Jacksonville, FL- Jaguars wide receive DJ Chark Jr. explains why he thinks the NFL is taking great steps with getting help for players and their mental health.

Chark, who is very engaged with making sure people and players are getting the necessary help for their mental talked about the steps that the NFL has taken with bringing in doctors to help out players that need someone to talk to.This is what he had to say about it in a press conference.

“I think right now they’re doing a good job by acknowledging it. I think that’s the biggest thing. We brought in a doctor that helps with that, mainly just for moral support if you need it, always there, always around. I think that’s the first step. You can’t really force someone to open up or do things like that but providing them with the place and the space to do so is big. I think as long as we continue to move towards allowing players to express themselves, having a place where they can find in, that’s huge, definitely at the professional level," said Chark.

Many people around the globe, as well as sports figures have talked about getting your mental health in order. Chark believes that these are the type of conversations that need to be had, discussed, and find a solution for. Chark's wife has been a huge support system for him and he talked about her being an advocate for mental health and mental awareness.

My wife Chantelle Chark now, then girlfriend since college, always supported me when it came to having those deep conversations. I was able to support her, she was able to support me, and we were able to be more open. With that, I gained confidence in myself. I had a great support staff at LSU as well where I was able to gain confidence. Once I got the confidence to speak on it, I’m not afraid to open up and be a guy to talk about it because I’m very confident now in my ability, my things that I can bring to the table, and the people that I can help. If I can help even one, two, three people, that’s big, so I don’t mind speaking at all.”

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