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Jags will be playing an international football game in the 2021 season

Jacksonville, FL- The NFL have decided that two international games will return and be played in the 2021 season.

With COVID-19 cases decreasing, the NFL has decided to return back to London with a match-up of four teams playing. The Atlanta Falcons will host the New York Jets October 10 and the Jacksonville Jaguars will play the Miami Dolphins in London on October 17.

Everyone around the league is excited about the NFL returning back to London and this is what the Jaguars' owner had to say about it. “The Jaguars are honored to return to London, our home away from home, and continue in our mission to grow the NFL and promote Jacksonville in the UK and beyond,” said Jaguars team owner Shad Khan.

“With Urban Meyer as our head coach, we’ll be arriving with an entirely new look and attitude that I’m confident will meet the approval of our Union Jax supporters. I’m also hoping that many of our loyal fans in Jacksonville can join us in London for a great experience and to ratchet up the homefield advantage. Go Jags!”

“We are excited to be returning to London and welcoming back our fans for two great matchups,” said Christopher Halpin, NFL Executive Vice-President—Chief Strategy & Growth Officer. “We expect these games to be a celebration of our sport and our robust UK fan base.

Little by little, normal life is starting return and excitement is starting to build around the 2021 NFL season.

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