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Jags keep their playoff hopes alive, defeating the Jets 19-3

The roaring Jags are making a bit of noise recently, climbing into the playoff conversation after defeating Dallas last week. Jacksonville put the league on notice that they were still alive in the playoff hunt, which made Thursday's Night game against the Jets, very intriguing.

The Jets, who let games slipped away in the second half of the season, needed a win to kill the Jags' chances with pulling within a couple of games for that last and final spot for the playoffs. In a misty type of environment, Jacksonville kept it pretty simple. They ran the ball effectively and took care of the ball. Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne. Jr chewed up yards for the Jags in the first half, as they combined for 105 and had the Jets reeling, trying to figure out how to stop them. In a very basic half, the Jags walked into the locker room with a 13-3 lead and a whole bunch of boos coming from the Jet's fan.

There was a lack of offense by both teams in the second half, but let's zero in on the Jags' defense. They had Zach Wilson searching for a "Christmas miracle" throwing to the heavens with nobody even in the direction of the throw. Each possession, the Jags were hounding Wilson and put enough turf stains on his jersey. At one point in the third, it was announced that the Jets had only 75 yards and converted only three first down, which was not the gift that the Jets wanted to hear. A couple plays later, Wilson was benched.

The start of the fourth quarter was very interesting, Jacksonville was playing against Chris Streveler, who came out blazing. Streveler had the Jags on skates, trying to build some momentum and put points on the board. He came close, but no cigar, as the Jets could not convert a fourth and short in the redzone. After that frenzy, the Jags took over, converted downs, and ate up the clock to put the Jets out of their misery.

Lawrence finished 20 out 0f 31 for 229 yards through the air and 51 yards on the ground.

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