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Israel Adesanya finishes Paulo Costa in the second round

New York- The Sylebender stays undefeated after defeating Paulo Costa in the second round.

Coming into the fight, Israel Adesanya (19-0) and Paulo Costa (13-0) were both undefeated. Both fighters had something to prove to themselves, as well as the world. Some fans felt like Costa would hold the edge against the stylebender, because of his ground and pound game. Costa can stand up with the best of them, as well as punish you on the ground. Israel is more of a flashy striker. His length, speed, and how he breaks fighters down is a sight to see. The trash talking was finally done and it was finally time for both fighters to face off in the octagon.

In the first round, Adesanya was attacking the right leg of Costa and making him hesitant with rushing in and landing some inside shots. Adesanya finished Costa in the second round with a couple of shots to the face that dropped him. After a couple of hammer fists, the referee called the fight. For a huge build up for the fight, It was a non contest type of night for Costa. The Stylebender is now 20-0 and it looks like he is unstoppable in his division.

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