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  • Sharmaine Johnson

Immanuel Neely steals spotlight at the Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Awards

Hey, y’all we did a major thing last week and you know I had to bring the TEA! Your girl covered the Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Awards. If you are not hip to the The Daytime Emmy Award, it has been recognizing outstanding achievements in television programming and crafts since 1974. The awards honor a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, and legal courtroom programs.

While on the red carpet I had the chance to interview some really successful people like Adam Sharp (President and CEO of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), Jordan L. Jones (Jazz from Bel-Air), and Trell Thomas (Media Expert + Entrepreneur) and the glam squad from The Real. Out of the entire line up the interview that stood out the most to me was with a 17-year-old high school graduate.

Let me introduce you to Immanuel Neely a recipient of the Mckenzie Family Scholarship headed to the University of Nevada Las Vegas for Film and Global Entreprenuership. During our interview, I asked him about the plot of his short film submission, and when he told me I knew instantly that he was going to be great! I can’t give you everything here, you have to tap into the TEA cap for the full interviews for the rest!

For a list of the Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy winners click HERE.

Stay tuned for the tea from the 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards scheduled to air on June 24th at 6 pm.

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