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Iconic legends will be celebrated at the 46th Kennedy Honors

Today, it was announced that actor and comedian Billy Crystal; acclaimed soprano Renée Fleming; British singer-songwriter producer, and member of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb; rapper, singer, and actress Queen Latifah; and singer Dionne Warwick will be honored at the 46th Kennedy Honors.

Each of these individuals will be honored for their contributions in their respective careers, as well as what they have done for their community. “This year’s slate represents an extraordinary mix of individuals who have redefined their art forms and demonstrated remarkable tenacity and authenticity in becoming an original. Each of them has explored new terrain, stretched artistic boundaries, and most importantly, committed to sharing their gifts with the world,” said Kennedy Center President Deborah F. Rutter. “This year we pay special tribute to the 50th anniversary of hip hop, a uniquely American culture whose constant evolution is one of enduring relevance and impact, reflecting our society as it has grown into an international phenomenon. Hip hop has been an important, thriving art form here at the Center for a number of years; what a privilege it is to bestow an Honors to the First Lady of Hip Hop who has inspired us along the way", said a representative from the Kennedy Center.

This should be a great night to honor these iconic figures and keep the "holiday cheer' in effect.

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