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Golfers are liking what they see with LIV's Golf tournament in ABU DHABI

This past season, there were a lot of positive and negative feedback with LIV and PGA merging. A lot of iconic golfers did not like the direction that LIV was going in, however others, felt like this brand could help enhance golf.

For the first time, LIVE GOLF decided to bring in an international crowd with a tournament that they were having in Abu Dhabi. Upcoming golfers, as well as experienced golfers liked the idea of having a tournament in Abu Dhabi. Max Kennedy from Ireland shared his thoughts about the brand as well as the upcoming tournament. “LIV Golf seems to be a very exciting new thing that's happened in the game of golf, and this is my first time being in a LIV Tour kind of event. It seems like a very exciting way to play the game of golf. I feel like golf in the past has been a little boring, so lightening that up and letting the players go and seeing what they do is a good way to play golf, and I'm all for that. Being here this week, I'm very excited for the challenge that's ahead. I think it's a great format, and I'm looking forward to the challenge this week of competing and trying to get onto a very good tour.”

Sampson Yunhe Zheng, who secured a bye into the second round, commented on the advantage, saying, “I think it definitely gives you a little bit of an advantage. On Friday, I can kind of see how the course plays, how the conditions change, how the scores unfold a little bit. So yeah, [there’s] definitely an advantage to that. Tomorrow, just as usual, I think I'm going to play the course. Maybe not 18 holes, but probably most of it. Friday is more of an adjustment, kind of dial in some distances and dial in the speed on the green type of day, just a little more relaxed.”

LIV Golf is bringing more of a fresher feel to the game, and it will be interesting to see how this brand will progress in the next five years.

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