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Golden State could not overcome the bigs of Boston in a Game 3 Loss

San Francisco- The Warriors drop Game 3, 116-100.

After throwing a haymaker in the third quarter of Game 2 and pulled out the victory, the Warriors looked to get some separation between them in the Celtics in Game 3. The Warriors had to dig themselves out of a double digit hole in the first half with Stephen Curry in foul trouble with two fouls at the start of the second quarter. Golden State was getting killed in the paint with not much of any defensive effort. Jalen Brown and Jayson Tatum was in the zone and had Golden State skating backwards with trying to stop them. The Warriors had to figure out how to stop the Celtics, as they went into the locker room down 12.

Everybody and their mother knows that Golden State's offense starts rolling in the third quarter. At the start of the third, Curry started to get hot and went on a 8-0 run by himself to cut the Celtics' lead to eight. However, costly mistakes by Curry handed him his fourth foul. Coach Kerr kept Curry in the game and it paid off. Curry helped the Warriors come roaring back to take their first lead of the night. Back and forth both t with scoring at will. Golden State was clinging onto life, down by four at the start of the fourth.

It seemed like momentum was shifting to the Warriors'sideline, but turnovers killed that dream and turned it into a nightmare. Golden State turned the ball over four times in two minutes, in which the Celtics went on 9-0 run to go up 12 at the start of the quarter. Golden State tried to cut the lead down, but the Celtics had full control of the game and went on to take the victory.

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