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Giants gets a W in closing seconds to defeat the Pats in first preseason game 23-21

New York- The Giants kick a game winning field goal to squeeze past the Patriots in their first preseason game.

The Giants opened their first preseason game against the New England Patriots and it was just an ugly start to the first half. Daniel Jones gotten a couple of reps in and finished the first quarter 6 for 10 for 60 yards, which was hard to watch. Jones struggled on deep balls, but completed a nice pass to Collin Johnson for 30 yards, who put the team in the redzone. A couple plays later the Giants kicked a field goal. Outside of the field goal, the Giants' offense was vanilla throughout the quarter.

At the start of the second, Tyrod Taylor got a chance to get some film work in. Taylor was a bit tight with throwing balls accurately to his receivers. A couple of times, Tyrod came very close throwing a couple of interceptions in very tight windows. After a couple of possessions in, Tyrod gained his confidence and marched New York in the endzone with a 7-yard strike to Robert Foster to put the Giants up 10-7 late in the quarter. New York finished the half with 267 total yards and a three point lead, 10-7. Taylor finished his day 13 of 21 for 129 yards and a touchdown.

After the Pats scored a touchdown, the Giants inserted Davis Webb in the game and he made an immediate impact. Webb made some good throws in the middle of the field, which opened up the run game. New York must have listened to the sports broadcasters on the NFL Network during halftime, because they started running the ball more. Antonio Williams started wearing down the Pats' defense and scored a one touchdown to put the Giants back up 17-14 midway in third quarter.

Let's take it to the fourth quarter. The Giants' defense came up big as they forced an interception at the start of the quarter.They took that turnover and cashed it in with another field goal to extend their lead 20-14. New York's offense was bit stagnant as Webb wasn't as sharp as he was when he first started the third. Webb had a couple of passes that went over the heads of his wide receivers and was forcing the issue of staring down his first reads, trying to throw the long ball. A couple of times, the Pats had a chance to jump the routes and intercept Webb's passes, but could not get there in time. With a couple of scares,the Giants went back to the running attack, but was not productive on the ground.

With five minutes left in regulation, the Pats caught the Giants with their pants down and scored on a 30 yard bomb to retake the lead 21-20. New York said hold my beer. Williams started the ensuing possession with a 20-yard power run, which got the Giants' offense clicking. A couple of runs later, the Giants kicked a game winning field goal to get their first victory of the preseason.

Webb finished 8 of 16 for 51 yards.

Williams finished with 9 carries for 6 yards with an average of 6.


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