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Gervonta Davis knocks out Leo Santa Cruz in the sixth round

San Antonio- Gervonta Davis throws a vicious uppercut in the sixth round to end Leo Santa Cruz's night.

In the first five rounds, Davis was getting frustrated and was trying to figure out how to set Cruz up for a knock out. Davis was throwing combinations and was connecting, but Cruz did not seem hurt. It seemed at the end of the fifth round, Cruz was gaining more confidence that he could take Davis' punches and be okay.

Cruz's confidence slipped in the sixth when he jabbed Davis twice, which Davis took advantage of and hit him with a devastating uppercut that TKO Cruz.

“The uppercut wasn’t the key coming into the fight, but I adapted to what he was bringing,” said Davis. “I knew he was taller and crouching down and moving forward. Once he moved forward, I tried to jab and make him run into the shot. He was right there for it. He punches, but he doesn’t try to get out of the way. There was nowhere for him to go on that knockout because I got him into the corner.

After the fight was over, Floyd Mayweather told Davis that he was proud of him and what he has achieved so far in his career. Davis retains the WBA Lightweight title and picked up the WBA Super Featherweight title after defeating Cruz.


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