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Frances McDormand stands alone, as the most decorated living actress

Los Angeles- Nomadland's actress Frances McDormand broke history at the Osars and now is the most decorated living actress.

McDormand, who has had a pretty impressive career, added to her Oscar wins. She shocked the world with beating out new comer Andra Day, as well as the legendary Viola Davis in the Best Actress category. McDormand also won in Best Picture for Nomadland. She became the first woman to win both awards in the same film.

Nomadland's director Chloe Zhao had this to say about McDormand's win and what it meant to her. day. "I think sometimes people might not know what she had done out there, as a producer and as an actress , how open and how vulnerable she has been and how much she has helped me to make this movie and helped all the nomads to feel comfortable on set. She really is Nomadland, and I'm so happy she got that award."

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