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Flag Football Will Be Introduced in 2022 World Games Birmingham

Seattle- The NFL has decided to collaborate with the World Games in 2022 in Birmingham and incorporate flag football in the line-up.

Seahawks' QB Russell Wilson, who is the flag football chairman had this to say about what it meant to him that flag football was going to be an event in the World Games in 2022.“We are excited for flag football to join the official lineup of The World Games in 2022, a competitive stage for football players from around the globe to showcase their talents." “The NFL is committed to opportunities for athletes from around the world to participate in all levels of football and has been supportive of IFAF’s work to bring flag football to The World Games, a great step forward in their long-term Olympic pursuits. We will be closely following the qualifying events which determine the top men’s and women’s flag football teams to compete in Birmingham.”

There will be a combination of 16 teams; eight men's teams, and eight women's teams. Each of them will battle it out until a champion is crowned on both sides of the spectrum. Having flag football at the World Games will bring more exposure to women who play football. Not a lot of fans know women who play, so it will generate more of an interest with who these women are as a player.

The men's and women's team for the United States have already pre-qualified for the 2022 World Games. Other participants have to be selected through the IFAF qualifying process. The games will begin on July 7-July 17, 2022.

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