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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Fists fly at the Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant press conference

Boxing press conferences are normally entertaining. There are often premeditated threats and long lengthy stare downs. However, in today's Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant’s press conference neither man could wait until November 6 to put their hands on one another.

The super middleweight champions came to blows Tuesday afternoon in Beverly Hills, California. Plant berated Alvarez with insults some I can’t even say as they aren’t appropriate but one insult seemed to get under Alvarez’s skin and forced him to retaliate. Plant yelled “Drug Cheat” alluding to Alvarez’s past suspension for failing drug tests.

During the stare down Alvarez shoved Plant across the stage. Which made Plant swing at Alvarez, Alvarez ducks the punch and lands a counter shot of his own. Plant walked away from the skirmish with a significant cut beneath his right eye, the consequence of Alvarez landing a punch while Plant wore sunglasses.Plant wiped away blood from that cut before order was restored and the press conference continued. There is no word how this cut could affect Plant and his ability to spar but this press conference made this fight a lot more personal.

According to Alvarez, it wasn’t just the “Drug Cheat” comment but Plant insulted his mother. “He can say whatever he wants to say to me, but not to my mom,” Alvarez said. “Because I’m gonna [knock] out everybody who say something to my mom. You know, and he swing first. I just push him, but he swing first. Then just, I do what I do.”

Plant’s side of the story was a bit different “Because he’s a b***h,” Plant said. “First off, all we was doing was staring at each other. He had something to say, I had something to say. He’s gonna beat me, I’m gonna beat him. And then, you know, he did what he did. So, you have to ask him that question.”

Who knows what exactly initiated the fight. The fact we do know is Mexico’s Alvarez, 31, and Las Vegas’ Plant, 29, will fight for Alvarez’s WBA, WBC and WBO championships and Plant’s IBF belt November 6 at MGM Grand Garden Arena.The fight will be for all the marbles which allows the entire super middleweight division to be cleaned out the winner will stamp his name in the history books as the first undisputed 168-pound world champion of the four-belt era.

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