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Fans will enjoy new food at Yankee stadium this season

The Yankees & legend’s hospitality reveals the new dining menu for the 2023 MLB season. Members of media enjoyed items from Streetbirdnyc Bobby’s Burgers, Lobel, Mighty Quinn Bbq Chickies and Petes , City winery, the halal guys, sumo dog, lately, wings New York and new additions fuku, Mac truck, and cheesy garlic bread by Bronx celebrity chef Christian Petroni. There is something for every fan, the menu also has gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Inside the Yankee stadium tower garden lettuce are grown. The garden also provides students with hands on experience who are apart of the New York Yankee healthy home plate program which was started in 2011. Here’s something cool, you can Uber eats your food from your seat at the game. Mobile ordering and pickups is available on the field, main entrance, terrace level st select stands. The stadium also has social gathering spaces for fans : the kids clubhouse ( Children’s zone ), master card batter eye deck, fresh direct terrace,Toyota terrace, field level sports lounge, Budweiser party decks, Pepsi food court, Stella Artois landing, Michelo ultra clubhouse, city winery bar, blue point bleachers bar the home to ny pinstripe Pilsner. Fans will also have the opportunity to take pictures in judge chambers located in the right field and the New York Yankees museum presented by Bank of America in momentum park.

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