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Ezekiel Elliott drops the ball, as the Cardinals took off with a 38-10 victory.

Dallas- Once again, the Cowboys shot themselves in the foot with turnovers.

The Cowboys started the game off really slow against the Arizona Cardinals. Andy Dalton was unsettled and struggle to get any type of flow for Dallas. At one point, Dalton went 0-14 with completing passes to his wide receivers. Ezekiel Elliott had his fourth fumble of the season, as he attempt to run down the field and did not secure the football. The Cardinals punched the ball out of Elliott's hand and recovered the fumble. The Cardinals took the turnover and scored.

Elliott fumbled the ball again and it seemed like frustration was settling in for Dallas. The Cardinals scored twice in the first half to put the Cowboys in a huge grave to dig themselves out of, 21-0. The Cowboys tacked on a field goal at the end of the half to get on the board, 21-3.

The Cowboys had their third turnover of the night at the start of the second half. Dalton threw an interception to the Cardinals, which should have been called defensive pass interference. Dallas could no recover from the turnovers and barely put up a fight on the defensive side of the ball. The Cardinals were having their way with the Cowboys, as they skipped to a 38-10

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