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ESPN drops the ball honoring International Women's Day

In a month where representation, diversity, and inclusion is shown and honored during the month of March for women around the globe. ESPN fumbled a subject that is talked about daily, which is representation.

On March 8, ESPN will have women leading the NBA Game & Studio Broadcast, which will feature Doris Burke, Cassidy Hubbbarth, and Beth Mowins. Now, from a standpoint of honoring women, who have paved the way in sports media. That is good, but where is the representation of different diversities and darker skin complexions highlighted as a broadcaster, reporter, or doing some color commentary, and not being in the studio.

ESPN has attempted to change the culture of pushing more diverse talent to the frontline in recent years, but they still have a long way to go. It is very telling that on a day where diversity could be shown in an engaging slot, they decided to take a safe approach. Women in general have been fighting for equality and to be seen and heard. Why not use the platform as a way to send a message about unity and not just a message of face value? All of these women have done some iconic things in their career, nobody is taking that away, but let the youth see a person that looks like them. You never know who can be inspired and want to be a reporter, broadcaster, or even work in sports media.

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